Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Ponderance of Tens

OK, so I have to tell you right up front that I’m writing  - or at least starting to write – this on 26th October, not 27th October.  I had an idea, and I didn’t want to lose it sleeping on it.  Yeah.  I know.  I’ll probably regret the choice.
Halloween is in four days, so I thought I’d write about scary things other than the possibility of  another six years of the Obama administration.  IT’S A JOKE – GET OVER IT.
So, in no particular order, here some of my Ten Scariest in several genres.
1.      The Stand by Stephen King. Because this one really could happen
2.      The Shining by Stephen King – ditto the previous statement.   This is the only SK book I have never been able to finish because it’s so creepy.
3.      Salem’s Lot by Stephen King – this one almost made me hang garlic on my windows.
(Stephen has this ‘S’ thing happening, doesn’t he?)
4.      A Wager of Blood – Jesse Coffey – I know the writer.  This is good stuff.
5.      The Vampire Armand – Anne Rice
6.      Dracula – Bram Stoker
7.      Frankenstein by Mary Shelly
8.      Doctor Jekyll  and Mr. Hyde – Robert Louis Stephenson
9.      White Plague – L. Ron Hubbard
10.  The Obama Healthcare Plan
Ten Scariest Movies
1.      The Shining (original)
2.      The Crawling Eye
3.      Alien
4.      Nosferatu
5.      The House On Haunted Hill (original)
6.      Event Horizon
7.      Star Trek – The Final Frontier (anything directed by William Shatner frightens me)
8.      Aliens
9.      Salem’s Lot – original TV Mini series
10.  Sleeping Beauty (hey – I was like 6 when I saw it the first time)
1.      Thriller – Michael Jackson – Best all time scary video and song ever
2.      Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett
3.      Barney Theme
4.      Night on Bald Mountain - Modest Mussorgsky
5.      Theme from JAWS – John Williams
6.      Toccata and Fugue in d minor – J.S. Bach
7.      Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – William Shatner cover
8.      California Girls – David Lee Roth cover
9.      Funeral March of a Marionette - Charles Gounod
10.  Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back – John Williams
1.      We live in the greatest Nation in the world.  Help me change that. – Barack H. Obama
2.      It’s OK to change history to make it politically correct.
3.      It’s OK to teach our children that altered PC history is history.
4.      Life has no absolutes – truth is relative.
5.      All roads lead to Heaven – Oprah Winfrey.
6.      It’s all about me.
7.      Entitlement.
8.      Humanism.
9.      Fundamentalism.
10.  William Shatner’s rugs.
I suppose there could be other lists, but this is starting to creep me out.  Especially the realization that William Shatner made all the lists but the one for scary books, although I suppose I could give him mention for Ashes of Eden, where he brought Captain Kirk back to life after his demise in Generations. What are your ideas for some of these groups?  Scariest reads?  Music?  Movie? Ideas (yours or others)?  Let me know.

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