Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pennants Aren't Won in June

It was June, 1984.  The Detroit Tigers, who eventually finished with the best record in baseball for the regular season and won the World Series 4-1 against the San Diego Padres, were 35-5 after 40 games, and never looked back.
Manager Sparky Anderson told reporters who asked about that amazing start, “Pennants aren’t won in April, May and June.”
Fast forward to 2010.  The Tampa Bay Rays start 32-6.  They’re up 6 ½ games on the second place Yankees, who even 6 ½ games back, have the second best record in MLB.
I’m guessing Rays Manager Joe Madden never heard Anderson’s quote.  After the All-Star Break, the Rays put it on cruise control and eventually lost that lead to the Yanks, regaining it a few times only because the Yanks had a tougher schedule.  They backed into their division championship, but relinquished the best record in the majors to the Philly’s.
In their last two regular season series, the Rays went 3-4, were shut out 3 of the 4 losses, and scored 1 run in the other.  Against cellar Dwellers Baltimore and Kansas City.  As I write this, the rays are 5 outs from being swept in the divisional playoffs against the AL division winner with the worst record in the AL.
And Rays owners wonder why people don’t want to pay $45.00 for tickets for home games at the Trop.
Tomorrow my wife and I celebrate 6 years of marriage.  She’s not my first wife, but she’s the one my heart has been looking for, for 35 years.  She’s all the missing pieces that were needed to complete me.  I found her when I stopped looking.  She is sweet, kind, my best friend, tender-hearted, loves the Lord, and even kinda likes me.  Happy Anniversary.  I sure do love you!
Tonight a miracle is taking place in McMurray, PA.  It began several years ago in the living room of a young preacher and his young family.  That culminated in the joining together  in May, 2008 of Faith Community Church, a three year old home church plant with a pastor but no place to meet, and Lakeside Baptist Church, an almost 40-year old church plant with land, a building, and no pastor.
I missed that first service of the joined congregations because I was in the hospital learning how to walk again after suffering a fairly massive stroke, but I was privileged to be there for other things.  The first baptism.  The first wedding.  The first Vacation School, and last year, the second Saturday night of October, 2009.  On Saturday, October 10th,  2009, the day my wife and celebrated out 5th wedding anniversary, we did so by being at Faith Community Church-Lakeside to witness a miracle.  FCC-L Saturday Night – the first Church Plant was born.  I was there for that, and have the photos to prove it.  Tonight, even as I am writing this from my new home in west central gulf-coastal Florida, they are celebrating their one year anniversary.
Congratulations FCC-L Saturday Night!  We miss you guys, and we love you.
Oh yes, If anyone besides Pastor Tom cares, OSU beat Indiana today.  And Miss Carole?  MSU trampled UM.  It’s pronounced the way it’s spelled.  Go Spartans! 

Happy Trails.
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