Monday, October 18, 2010

November On Deck

November On Deck
By David Roth
© 18th October, 2010

It paces nervously
at the intersection
of the eves of All Hallows
and All Saints
and fidgets with impatience
as the fading blaze
of October drips red and green
in cider orchards
and the mottled orange
of wannabe jack-o-lanterns.

Wrapped in a full length coat
of maple, beech and oak
it blows a frosty kiss
to the boys of summer
and the last mad dash of
hunter-gatherer children
storing up bits of chocolate
in their rosy pink cheeks
like chipmunks before the snow flies.

November waits on deck
peering anxiously over
bundles of cut, baled hay
and stalks of earless corn
that cannot hear the hunters horn
or the wild turkey’s final gobble
or the thrashing throes of death
of the hare or twelve point buck
that meets the shotgun shell.

A cold wind blows
through hill and vale
and whisks away the final glow
of autumn in an icy glaze
when the light at the corner
of witches masks and long dead saints
changes its symbol to ‘walk’
and November steps up to the plate.

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