Friday, October 8, 2010

Fitzin It, Part 2

Good News.  The septic tank guys just left.  The 'friendly fire fix' from a few years back did two things.  First, they disconnected the drain field.  Then, they punched holes in a 55 gallon drum and bypassed the drain field completely funneling everything from the tank to the drum through a 1 inch PVC pipe.  The theory was just the liquid would drain into the drum from the tank.  WRONG ANSWER!  That move resulted in the tank backing up ino the house, having to replace the carpet and baseboards, and a few other things.

The tank guys tested the drain field and said it is in perfect condition, so all they really had to do was reconnect it, and add a top vent cover/trap valve thingy (Not too sure of the technical term.)  What it means, is in two years when it actually will need to be pumped, they just pop this cap and do it through that.  No more digging anything up to get at it, and best of all, at about a third of the cost of replacing the drain field.

Thank you Lord!
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