Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm tired of fighting with Xanga.  For two weeks I have been unable to access my blog to edit it.  All I can do is post remotely, so while it will take some time to complete the transition, as of today, all my blogging will be done here at Blogger.  Xanga Tech support wants you to sign in to get help, well golly gee - if I could sign in, I wouldn't need help. 

What part of that don't tech people understand?

It's not at all unlike when I got my first laptop, and was having trouble connecting to the net.  The Pakistani technician on the phoned kept telling me I needed to just go to their web page for device drivers (CompaQ) and download the driver.  I kept asking him "Are you deaf?  If I could connect to your website to download a driver, we wouldn't be having this discussion!"

That wa 8 years ago, and service providers stil;l don't get it that they are not the only game in town.  Here's the deal.  If you don't want my business badly enough to give me good service provided by someone who speaks my language as a first language and not something learned from Rosetta Stone, I'm going elsewhere.  So, goodbye Xanga, Hello Bloger!
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