Thursday, April 21, 2011

Were You There

By David Roth
© 18 November, 2003

The lone singer took the stage
The orchestra stood mute
A tiny choir huddled near
Intent and resolute

The singer paused and took a breath
Determined to be heard
“Were you there” he asked the audience
“When they crucified my Lord?”

I’d heard the hymn oft times before
And softly sang along
Without the deep conviction
I felt now within this song

A shiver trembled down my spine
I drew a shallow breath
Tears coursed down in burning streams
Envisioning His death

The singer pondered, “Were you there?”
His eyes gazed into mine
And caused me to consider
My appointment with the Divine

The Psalmist wrote that long before
I voiced my newborn cries
He knew me in my mother’s womb,
He saw me through His eyes

And now the image of the song
That caught me unaware
Reminded me that in His eyes
Most surely, I was there

For as each nail was driven home
As each drop of blood was shed
As surely as three days later
He rose up from the dead

I stood there on the somber day
He hung upon the tree
Aware that in His grace and love
He did it all for me
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