Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My wife says it’s because of the second stroke – the one that paralyzed my left side.  I don’t know if that’s the reason, but it seems that I’m more emotional since that auspicious event on 20th April, 2008 – in other words, three years ago tomorrow.  I seem to be more sensitive to things, and I cry more often, and sometimes it seems that almost anything will set it off.
I spoke with a wife and mother of three today whose husband and father of those same three children went off to Afghanistan to do his duty to defend our nation.  I also spoke with his mother, and had an opportunity to spend a few moments in prayer with wife/ mother and the mother of the departing soldier.  I am overwhelmed with humility for the sacrifice of three children, a wife, and the mother and father left behind to worry and pray for their loved one.  It was a privilege to speak with them and pray with them.
I had a similar privilege with two others from back in Pittsburgh, and a friend from back in college who is a pastor now, and whose father is in his last days.
I find myself both humbled and overwhelmed by the strength of those I sought to comfort, instead finding strength and comfort myself in their collective strength and faith.
And as I think of them and how they blessed me when I was attempting to be of some comfort and blessing to them, I find myself humble and overwhelmed by the mercy and grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and this I am reminded how unworthy I am of his gift of salvation.
As you read this, it is my prayer that He who spoke he universe into being, will speak to your heart.
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