Monday, November 1, 2010


The first Snowbird of the Season stepped out to get her paper this morning and saw her shadow.  That means seven more weeks of Autumn.
We had ten Trick-or-treater’s yesterday.  Must be old farts don’t bother dressing up and begging for candy down here.
We were the ‘old farts’ back in Pittsburgh.  Down here we’re actually the young upstarts.
We do get snow in our area in the winter, if you count the color of the hair on the heads of the Snowbirds.  Those who still have any.
There are two seasons in Florida.  Hurricane Season, and Snowbird Season.  Hurricanes are only slightly less predictable, but Snowbirds in tricked out Escalades are probable more dangerous.
Tomorrow is Election Day in the US, and The Day of the Dead in Mexico.  I might have that backwards.
If Democrats wait until Wednesday so they avoid long lines at the polling centers, their votes count twice.  Not certain about Snowbirds.
Dear Wife’s Ninja Farting cat thinks any unattended glass of water anywhere in the house has been left there for her.  Today’s lucky pot at the end of the rainbow was sitting on my computer desk, where Stinky Cat knows she is not permitted to lollygag around.  After her visit, I drained about ¼ cup from my keyboard by tipping it on end and blowing it with a can of air.  Several keys still don’t work.  For them, I must reach up to the Notepad computer to which the $50 Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is externally attached.  Sort of defeats the purpose of the easier to use keyboard.
Killing the Ninja Farting cat isn’t really an option.  She belongs to DW, and the MIL likes her.  I’m outnumbered unless she has some sort of unexplained freak accident, like falling asleep in the microwave or something.
How in the world does one loss drop you 9 places in the polls when one win only moves you up two or three?
Steelers with Little Ben aren’t as good as Pittsburghers think they are.  They were 3-1 under Charley Batch, and 1-1 with Little Ben.  They would have been 0-2 under Little Ben but for some very favorable calls from a Pittsburgh based officiating crew at the game in Miami.
Snowbird officials will screw it up every single time.
It looks like I’m stuck with the old Device OS for my Blackberry.  T-Mobile does something that makes the device not compatible with the upgrade, so they won’t support it.  RIM won’t support it because T-Mobile won’t support it, even though it runs just fine on the same devices when sold to Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.  RIM says I can download the upgrade from their web site, but if it kills the phone again, they only support they will offer is reverting it back.  That took about 13 hours last time.
T-Mobile says they’ll sell me a device upgrade for $80 with a two year contract extension.  That will cost me about $3,100 over the life of the contract.
Support reps I spoke with are located in Colorado (T-Mobile) Ontario, Canada (RIM) and Newfoundland, Canada (RIM).
Snowbirds.  Kinds figures, doesn’t it?
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