Saturday, November 13, 2010

AVG Internet Security Suite 2011 SCAM

Most of the time when you come here, it’s to read my thoughts about the latest unknown writer whose work I’ve discovered and reviewed.  Your support of these authors helps get them recognized and their work discovered.
Today I’m telling a different story.
I have been an avid supporter and user of AVG Anti-virus software for years.  So many years, I honestly can’t remember when I first installed it, but it was probably in 2002 when I purchased my first laptop computer, because, frankly, Norton is a resource hog.  It is still a resource hog on a 64 bit 2 gig core 2 intel notebook.
Not so AVG 9.0 FREE.  This is what anti-virus software should be.  Sleek, fast, thorough, and not bog your system down for hours while it runs a scan.
I liked it so much I clicked the link on the desktop software to purchase the full Internet Security 2011 suite, which took me to an order page, where I placed my order using my PayPal account.
That was Wednesday Morning.  It is now Saturday morning.  I am still waiting for my license or a REFUND.
AVG had no trouble taking my money, but it seems they have all kinds of internal problems verifying that they took my money, and in fact, still have it.  I’ve sent them copies of the verification information three times.  I’ve filed a dispute with PayPal.  I’m still waiting.
To be perfectly frank, the internet security suite isn’t all that impressive.  It scans your computer, discovers literally thousands of ‘errors’, and when you click ‘fix’ you are taken to another web site to purchase the repair module – at an annually renewable rate.  I learned this by downloading the 30 day free trial for the internet suite.
On top of all that, unless you are making a business purchase, there is virtually no support.  It says right on their support page that email is your only support for even the purchased home user version of the software.
I once thought very highly of the Grisoft/AVG product.
Now, not so much.  Right now it looks more like a scam.  Right now, I’d say find something else before you make the mistake I made and get ripped off like I did.
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