Saturday, October 8, 2011

All Hallows Eve

By David Roth
© 8th October, 2011

The wind howls on in a frightful gale
while the naked trees sing a woeful wail
Jack-O-Lanterns wink, in a blink, deceive
on a chilling night called All Hallows Eve.

Children roam in packs going door-to-door
yelling ‘Tricks Or Treats;’ meaning ‘more, please, more’
in the growing dusk how they laugh and weave
through the creeping chill of All Hallows Eve.

There’s an eerie feel to the neighborhood
“Can we ask up there? Do you think we should?”
“That’s haunted house,” as they all believe,
so they pass it by this All Hallows Eve.

As the urchins pass all but unaware
of the horror lurking behind the stare
from the frosted glass with the spider weave
at the house they passed on All Hallows Eve.

For a hundred years, give or take a few
when the street was young and the house was new
there be monsters here, if you dare believe
that come out to play on All Hallows Eve.

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