Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shar'ia Law - Dearborn Michigan - and beyond

Shar'ia is already permitted in Dearborn, Michigan, a city whose votes are mostly union prescribed liberal Democrat. A city where CHRYSLER, FORD and GM workers once upended automobiles parked in their factory parking lots, not built in America. The UAW said vote for the Muslim from Kenya, and the sheeple who make up the rank and file, forgetting who signs their paychecks; forgetting that when their strike benefits run out, and they're the ones collecting food stamps to survive and begging the banks for just a little more time before they foreclose on their homes, the union leaders still get their 5 and 6 figure salaries, the people their leadership said "vote for" have now legally brought this radical Islam law to their home town. 
But that's just for the muslims", you say? Remember that when they bypass the American legal system completely to punish you for some unintended slander of the prophet of islam, because shar'ia supersedes American law.

And remember our muslim president, who wants Congress to give him permission to go to war against something that exists only in his rhetoric: ISIL - for there is no nation by that name - while ignoring the REAL threat  - ISIS and Radical Islam under that banner which he can't even bring himself to say out loud!  He calls them ISIL. No one else uses that term! But by using it he includes our only real ally in the middle east - the one he wants to alienate and continues to insult, and that’s Israel.

No, Obama sees US as the enemy, as if modern Christianity is somehow a continuation; an extension of the Crusades from 1,000 years ago! When he says Christians, out of the side of his face he means  the majority of Americans who believe in the non- denominationally specific Judeo-Christian heritage from which this nation gave birth!  And the Horrific times of slavery and Jim Crow, conveniently failing to mention that it was the Democrats of  200 years ago who were the founders and promoters of Jim Crow laws, as well as comprising the greatest number of slave owners!  That’s who he means! That's who Obama thinks is the enemy.

The President of the United States of America believes that the three biggest problems we face today are CLIMATE Change, The Crusades by the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church fighting to reclaims the lands overtaken by the armies of ISLAM a thousand years ago, and slavery in America in the 1800’s! That’s his justification for Islamic Terrorists (although you’ll never hear him call them that) flying two airliners into the World Trades Centers!  That’s his explanation for Fort Hood. For the Shoe Bomber. For the Underwear Bomber. For the Boston Marathon Bombers. For al-Qaida. Boko-harem raping and murdering 2,000 girls in Nigeria. For Charlie Hepbo in Paris at the same time. For streamed video of beheaded prisoners as they were being beheaded, burning a Jordanian pilot alive also on live video stream, the kidnapping and detention and death of Kayla Jean Mueller. Essentially, Obama justifies every act of evil by they Who Must Not Be Named with the childhood excuse “he did it first!”

And what is his message to the United Nations? "THE FUTURE CANNOT BELONG TO THOSE WHO SLANDER THE PROPHET OF ISLAM"  By the only definition Obama accepts, the holey qur'an, that, my friend, is you, me, and every not fully committed muslim in the world! No, you didn't misread that. Muslims who aren't committed to the later, angry, “go kill everyone who is an infidel” portions of the qur'an are included in this holy war and death by jihad.

There is a principle called TAQIYYA. It essentially means two primary things:

1. when earlier writings in the qur'an are contradicted by later writings, you are to ignore the early in favor of the latter. In other words, early in his writings, Mohammed wrote, live at peace with your non-muslim neighbors as long as they do not offend allah.  Offer non-muslims the opportunity to convert. If they reject it but are not blasphemous, let them live in peace. Most muslims live by that earlier writing.  An older, angrier Mohammed wrote, kill all infidels,  including pacifist muslims not wholly committed to jihad in his definition of infidels. According to Mohammed himself, that later version is to supplant earlier teachings.

2. the other aspect of TAQIYYA is that it is not merely permissible to lie for the furtherance of Islam; to the contrary it is encouraged. So Obama is well in keeping with his true religious faith to lie to the American people under oath by promising to “protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic,” and then do everything humanly possible to undermine that document. In effect, Our president vowed to protect and defend the constitution against himself…on both counts!

His very inability or more to the point, unwillingness to call Islamic Terrorism for what it is, coupled with his inaction when faced with opportunities to be “Presidential” and sound clips like the UN “slander the prophet of all” speech show where his real loyalties lay. When Jordan’s pilot was burned alive in a cage, Jordan responded with bombing runs.  When Americans were beheaded, Obama responded with another round of golf.

When Khrushchev parked nukes 90 minutes from Miami, Another Democrat, Jack Kennedy didn’t run for the 9th tee, he manned up, issued an ultimatum to turn Moscow into a glow in the dark parking lot, and the great Russian Bear tucked tail between its legs and backed down.  Ditto Reagan and Gorbychev and the Berlin wall.

Obama invites the enemies of our nation, i.e., “enemies foreign”  across our southern borders by the millions, grants them citizenship, and whammo – next thing you know,  you have shar’ia Dearborn!
Now lest you think Dearborn is an isolated case, this is from today’s headlines:

Father Outraged When School Forces Son To Recite Islamic Prayer

According to recent reports, Lyman High School in Seminole County, Florida is facing backlash from concerned parents over the use of a textbook some say borders on Islamic indoctrination. One father, Ron Wagner, contacted WFTV to express his dismay.

He complained that a passage in the high school history book states: “There is no god, but God. Muhamad is the messenger of God.”

Furthermore, Wagner asserted, his son’s 10th grade class was “instructed to recite this prayer as the first of Five Pillars of Islam, off of the board at the teacher’s instruction.”

The teacher also reportedly assigned a project requiring students to make an Islamic prayer rug and study various other Muslim worksheets.

The father explained he is not upset about the particular religion being explored, only that students are being compelled to take part in a religious activity at school.

“For it to be mandatory and part of the curriculum and in the textbooks,” he said, “didn’t seem right.”

He went on to say that there is “a difference between teaching of the significance or the impact of a religion and teaching the specific tenets of a religion.”

The textbook being used are all missing the first 100 pages – the pages that cover Christianity and Judaism, and begins with the section on Islam.  The school offers no explanation for this.

Islam is coming to America, my friends, and with it shar’ia law and jihad. Our president isn’t going to stop it. He is our enemy’s best friend and unless we convince our elected legislators that they work for us and  that it is their duty to remove this traitorous, evil man from office, the elections of 2016 just might be too late.
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