Wednesday, January 28, 2015

From a collection of obscure words - Blog and POEM for 28 January, 2015

I haven't been writing poetry , not really, since my stroke on April 20, 2008. A combination of things, really. First, I was initially paralyzed on my left side. I couldn't move or feel anything at all. Six weeks on, in hospital therapy followed by 9 months at the hands of sadistic, horrible little minions who enjoy body slamming you at full velocity to try and knock you over while you're doing your impression of a DUI walk between cones dodging semi's while the state troopers are laughing their butts off at you! Never mind the fact that the therapist is like 12 and weigh 20 pounds; it's still a distraction!

Well I fooled them, didn't I!  The munchkin with the death wish never did succeed in her vile attempts to knock me over! And the guy making me peddle the upside-down bike with my hands while alternately electrocuting my left arm to see if that would help me find copper pennies in the sand box (it didn't) and catch tennis balls with a hand that closed around the place they had been about 10 seconds after they bounced off the palm of my hand into my cup of brown coffee-like substance - it was Maxwell House. Stuff still dissolves cheap stainless steel flatwear.

Some of it must have worked. I'm about 75% ambulatory, but I still have no upper epidermal sensory feedback. That means if you touch my left side anywhere left of a line head to floor right down the center, I can't feel it, and my fine motor control is iffy on good days.  Gone walkabout with all that went my desire/inspiration for creative writing.  Even my blogs showed it. over 200 of them in 2007 on a different blogserver, and somewhere around half a dozen last year, I think. And other than fooling around I haven't written anything but a few blogs since I finished the last poem in the Alice's Goldfinch collection. In fact, I think I've written more blogs in January alone than all of last year!

Until today. Today I wrote this.  It's rough and might make your eyes bleed.  I'm a little out of practice.

“From a collection of obscure words
running wildly around my head that
had to be sedated and nailed in place
to make them stand still “
(Yes, that’s the Title)
By David Roth
© 28th January, 2015

A sommelier confirms the date
As twisted wire succumbs to fate
Six polished flutes anticipate
The last of the Dom ‘fifty-eight
To babble praise articulate,
Intending to congratulate,
Exaggerate, commiserate,
Exonerate, investigate,
If possible, humiliate
Infatuate, infuriate,
And furthermore to validate
A  Worthy Poet Consummate.
Is published, - hence, we celebrate!

It isn't much, but it is definitely my muse reawakening, for better or worse. It was written as a congratulatory note for a friend who just received word that one of her pieces has been selected for regional publication, words we live for!  I added a couple of lines to it for this piece. The beast is back (perhaps). Be marginally aware that something of a highly probable obscure nature may or may not happen!  Be VERY marginally aware that something of a highly probable obscure nature may or may not happen!
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