Saturday, September 10, 2011

WTSP Anchor Reginald Roundtree Honors Local Navy Vet

I’m not a big fan of television news, or of the cookie cutter talking heads who fill the slots day after day, forgetting that their job is to report the news, not be the news.  Read the story, not act out the story.
And then there is WTSP’s Reginald Roundtree.  One day, when I can get some time alone with the man, I’ll interview him and post the interview here.
Reggie is a big part of what makes the Tampa Bay area tick, and as a newsman, he is a professional and a genuine class act.  I don’t generally think the puppets local markets force on us every day are anything but really bad out of work actors killing time by reading scripts poorly ‘live on location’ at 6:00 and 11:00 pm.  As I said, Reggie is different.  The former Metro Dade County policeman is a genuine man of integrity who gives back to his community day after day after day.
Earlier this year when three local police were brutally murdered, Reggie delivered a moving tribute to the men and their families on air.  He was as clearly emotionally involved in his words as were his listeners.
Ditto later when the deaths of other local hero’s – firemen – was the lead story.  He’s active in the community in other ways as well, but as I said, that will be a story for another project.
This is about the 10th year anniversary of the Twin Towers attack.  Tampa, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding Tampa Bay communities will be holding various celebrations and commemorations probably not unlike communities all over our great nation.  The American Victory Ship will be in Tampa tomorrow from noon until 5:00.  Follow the link for additional details.
But Reggie – now here is a class act.  Sunday Major League Baseball’s Tampa franchise, the Tampa Bay Rays, will be having a memorial tribute during their game against the Boston Red Sox.  Reggie will be attending the game.  That’s not uncommon when Reggie isn’t in the newsroom.  The story here is that this local newsman is bringing Lt. Pete Kolnicki (USN) and his family along as his personal guests, on his personal nickel.
What are we doing in Tampa?  I’m flying my flag.  Various communities are holding commemorative celebrations.  And local hero in his own right, WTSP News Anchor Reginald Roundtree is taking a vet and his family to a ball game.  A classy act by a genuinely classy guy.  Way to go, Reg!

You can show Reg your appreciation and encouragement on his Facebook fan page.
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