Friday, July 15, 2011

Official Release: The Adventures of the Magnificent Seven

“Hey!  Lissen!  Lemme tell you all about the book my Grampa wrote starring me!”~Sabastian “Sabas” Gipson.
He said that to pretty much every teacher in his school, every adult he bumped into – sometimes literally - all of his friends, and of course, to the Librarian – at least a dozen times, according to her.
Hi.  I'm excited beyond words to announce that my book, The Adventures of the Magnificent Seven, is being ‘officially’ released in e-book format by EdinRoad Publishing today.  It’s a first for a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons.
For EdinRoad, well, they’re taking a chance with me.  Mag-7 will be their first official release.  It’s going to be available in e-book format for pretty much every e-book reader known to man, with the possible exception of the P.A.D.D.  You’ll either get that or you won’t.  I’ll leave looking it up, to you.  Initially it will be available at, but soon you’ll be able to get it at all online booksellers and in all their proprietary formats.  It’s also available now in paperback and hardcover at my bookstore, but as you know, LuLu, CreateSpace and sites like that Are POD – Print or Publish On Demand.  You could even call them ‘vanity’ publishing because they are self published, and not a few of them are purchased by the author and his/her family and no one else.
EdinRoad is the real deal, and I’m proud – and a little anxious – to be their first project.  Proud because LuLu efforts aside, I have a real imprint, as it were, on this edition of my book.  It’s a small start-up company outfitted out of Lexington, Kentucky, by a fellow author who wants the world to know that good books don’t just come from imprints like Random House, TOR, Bantam, Scholastic, and the such, and she’s willing to invest herself in helping others like herself find a breakthrough in the publishing world.  Anxious because well, not to put too fine a point on it, I’m the first.  I don’t want to screw this up for either of us, or the potential writers EdinRoad will undoubtedly contract down the road, no pun intended.  It’s both exciting and a little scary to be on the ground floor of a project like this.
Now, there is a way to make this all go very smoothly.  Write a smash best-seller, for example.  In order for that to happen, you have to write a good book, and frankly, that’s not as easy as it sounds.  It takes a lot of work, and EdinRoad Founder and President invested a lot of work in Mag-7 before EdinRoad was even a reality.  I guess that speaks for  Her confidence.  She knows how much she’s already done to help make this a good read.
There are a lot of other things as well.  We have some really fun stories which I think are well told, expertly edited, and kinda fun to read. 
So – what’s this all about?  Go back and read the first paragraph.  This is the book Sabastian’s Grampa wrote starring him.  And six others just like him except for the parts where they’re entirely different from him.
The Adventures of the Magnificent Seven started out as a challenge from another writer in an ongoing monthly word count writing competition.  I had to write about something, and she said “Why don’t you just write about those kids you’re always talking about?”  It seemed like a good idea, as well as a way to tell my grandchildren stories like my grandfather used to tell me.
So I took seven very real children and made seven fictional children based on their individual character traits.  That’s where the similarities end.  The Adventures of the Magnificent Seven is the Steve Austin version.  Remember the line?  “We can improve him.  We have the technology.  We can make him better.  Faster.  Stronger.”  Combine that approach with some fun ideas and there you have it.  Their first ten adventures.  But this is definitely a to be continued adventure.  Since it’s all about the curious and inventive, imaginative ideas of young people, the possibilities are endless.  So…stay tuned to this station.
I'm so excited about this that I'm giving away a free copy of the Adventures of the Magnificent Seven in your choice of e-book format (Kindle, Nook, Sony, Mobi, etc) to five readers who give me the best reason for why I should give them a copy of the book.  All you have to do is tell me why YOU should get a copy of the book here in a comment box, and email me the reason as well, so I'll have an email address for sending out the coupon. Hurry - the deadline is midnight, Sunday, July 31st, 2011.
Good Luck!

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