Friday, December 17, 2010

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Yesterday

It’s beginning to look a lot like yesterday
as we plod along
singing the same old song.
Mired in troubles that once seemed so far away
bringing back yesterday, today.

There’s a constant wind that’s blowing
with an urgency that’s growing
people reaping without sowing
children learning but not knowing
of the debt that they are owing
like a one-oared boat that’s rowing
in a circle ever slowing
on a tide that isn’t flowing
overhead the crows are crowing
wordless taunts they are bestowing
as the world

Upon a hill.
I know we will
ginning to look a lot like yesterday
when the world was new
and you thought so too
but there’s nothing that really brings back yesterday
come on down
lose the frown
wear a crown
be a clown

listen in and have a look
get your nose out of that book
there’s tomorrow to be took
until then you’re off the hook
beginning to look a lot like yesterday.

By David Roth
©17th December, 2010

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