Sunday, September 20, 2015

Now on eBay - White House Invitations - Just learn to Lie!

Mr. President, I understand the confusion. I really do. You claim to be a Christian, yet when you quote from the Bible, you do so in mockery and out of context. When you do quote scripture reverently, you preface your quotation with the words : "As the Holy Qor'an says...".

You announced almost from your first day in office your intention to make this nation, founded and framed on a Judaeo -Christian ethic, no longer a Christian nation, but one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. It appears unconstitutional sidestepping of existing constitutional law may very well allow that to be the case if your traitorous policies aren't stopped before your term is completed.

Perhaps your most nefarious insult to the people of our country: your regular selective forgetfulness regarding specifically which nation state in this global economy is the one of which you are president, as demonstrated by your persistent bias towards all peoples and things not American. Your preference for Iran over America in treaty talks is treasonous. Likewise your talks with Cuba. You negotiate for a traitorous deserter like Bergdhal in order to release Islamic Terrorists - Yes, Mr. President, even though you refuse to say the words, they are terrorists, and leave Americans held captive in Iran out of your treaty talks there. And your bias towards Islam sickens me. You act like the child who covers its eyes when frightened because of a child's unfounded, immature belief that if he can't see the monster, the monster can't see him. This is reality, Mr. President. That thinking only works for left wing liberal democrats, journalists, politicians, and naive students and entitlement voters who cast their ballot - mostly for you - from the grave. In the real world, covering your eyes doesn't really make the monsters go away. Just look in any mirror, you'll see what I mean. You still cast a reflection! I turn on the TV and you, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, John Boehner, John McCain, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Joe Biden - you're all still here, still breaking your campaign promises, still lying to the American people, still breaking your oaths of office, still dismantling the Constitution one line at a time, still trying to start a race war, still giving Good, decent hard working American citizens who happen to be mixed race, white, black, Muslim, and actual Christians look bad. There's even a word for people of color used disparagingly, but face it - it's an insult to them to hang that label on you, too.

Last week a muslim student came to school with a science project that was mistakenly, but properly due to the appearance of the electronics, stopped and taken into custody. It wasn't, but could have been a bomb. Not because the student was Muslim, but because of the configuration of electronics in the case he was carrying. Where our children are concerned, you err on the side of caution and safety.
Unless you're a practitioner of Islam. If a white kid chews a piece of pastry into the vague shape of a pastry gun, he gets expelled. If a Muslim kid brings an extra curricular electronics project to school, hidden in a metal case, is counseled by his science teacher to take it home and not show it to anyone else - because the teacher knows what it could be mistaken for and how other students and teachers predictably could - and did - react, the kid starts flashing it around. Why? He knows he's Islam and all he has to do is start screaming "religious persecution" and your son is suddenly - predictably - Ahmed instead of Trayvon, and you extend the belligerent kid (Hmmm - perhaps he is your son after all) an invitation to the White House. Not because it was such a spectacular electronics project. Radio Shack had electronics kits to make clocks in their stores 40 years ago and sold the clock young Ahmed dismantled and repackaged in that cheap case - repackaged, not invented - 30 years ago. you can buy it on eBay now. It wasn't even an assigned project. You invited him because his name was Ahmed. You invited him because he is Muslim. Period. Ahmed invented that clock in the same sense that Al Gore invented the internet, or Al Sharpton's ever going to be prosecuted for income tax fraud ot the birth certificate bearing your name is genuine.

Thursday, a Florida school bus driver lost control of his bus, which careened on its side into a deep neighborhood lake known to contain 8-10 foot alligators. One of the people on the bus was Nicolas Sierra, a member of the safety patrol. A KID! And his instincts kicked in, too. "I crawled through a window and started pulling kindergartners out," said Sierra told local police who arrived on the scene.
8-10 foot alligators, Mr President. A school bus on its side in a deep lake perilously close to sliding deeper into the lake with 27 kids on the bus. And a middle school safety patrol member has only one thought. Get the kindergartners out! He's not thinking about alligators. He's not watching it on TV screen from a secure bunker as you did Benghazi. He's in the water pulling children put of danger.

When does Nicolas Sierra get his invitation, Mr. President? Or does a kid ignoring the danger to life and limb to himself; putting his own life at risk to save the lives of other children only mean something in the Obama administration if you're an illegal alien, a big contributor, or best of all, MUSLIM? Well, Mr. Christian President who removes his shoes to enter an Islamic mosque to pray?
Well Mr, President? Nicola Sierra? Have your staff contact Charles Billi the WTSP 10News CBS affiliate who covered the near tragedy, The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office or some of the parents from Mary Bryant Elementary school whose children this brave young man saved, and some of whom were there in the water with this heroic child, NOT showing preferential treatment to anyone?
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