Monday, May 11, 2015

Isn't - A Poem for Mother's Day

My Mom - Marge Costello

By David Roth
©10 May, 2015
Mother’s Day

 This isn’t how I pictured spending Mother’s Day this year,
Alone at my computer mixing misspelled words and tears
But no one thought to warn me she was leaving us that day
Without a chance to tell her all the things I had to say.
Linda's Mom - Shirley Venable

I’d tell I you was sorry I’d been difficult to raise
That growing up was hard for me, too, in those early days
And how I wish I hadn’t left, and just walked out the door
Not knowing how a Mother’s love goes on forevermore.

I thought I’d have a second chance with someone else’s Mom
Someone I had come to love the way I loved my own,
But she, too, had her own ideas, and slipped off in the night
Before I got to say that it’s okay; that it’s all right.

That I would do my best to take good care of her first born,
That these ten months had left me feeling weary, tired and worn,
Instead I’m fixing typos through a curtain stained with tears
Not how I pictured I’d be spending Mother’s Day this year.  

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