Sunday, October 5, 2014

Class Acts and Lame Ducks - BLOG for 5 October, 2014

Missing Kenyan Village Idiot
Please return if found

Jack Kennedy stood up to Khrushchev, told him to move his missiles off of Castro's Cuba, and the big shoe hammering ruskie flinched. Being POTUS (President of the United States of America) meant something then.  It was kind of like the old commercial, “My accountant is E. F. Hutton, and when E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.”
Jimmy Carter was the next Democrat to put on his big boy pants and attempt a move like like that when the American Embassy was taken hostage by militants in Tehran. Good ole boy Carter, thumbs no doubt locked securely in his  blue denim Bob Evans overhauls, red kerchief and official Song of the South Issue straw farm hat, as he told the Ayatollayouso Khomeini to release the American Hostages from Tehran, or else! Khomeini stamped his angry little feet, folded his arms stuck out his bottom lip and mumbled some gibberish the spooks at the House of Babel in Langley which roughly translated meant,  "Nya, Nya, Nya, Nya, Nya! I’m not gonna do it, and you can't make me, so there. Now someone go wash up my favorite sweet little camel honey doll. All this international bullying has me in the mood"
POTUS Reagan, on the other hand just flashed that Colgate Hollywood grin of his, had Chuck Heston teach him how to say "Let my people go or your next democratic election won't be until sometime in the 123rd century, if the glow settles down some,” and suddenly Khomeini felt sufficiently enough satisfied with his superior negotiating skills, and being in no great hurry to meet his 72 virgins, saw the wisdom of Reagan’s way of thinking. Or maybe he was just out of Viagra.
Classy guy that he is, POTUS Reagan didn't mention Carter's buffoonery, double digit inflation, double digit unemployment, or worst economy since the great depression.
Ditto POTUS Billary (Bill and Hillary “We are the President) Clinton when they succeeded George Herbert Walker Bush who was a single term President, nor did George Sr.’s  son, George W. Bush, otherwise known as Dub’ya, himself, a genuinely underwhelming, but at least housebroke POTUS. Even he didn't devote spectacular amounts of time blaming his predecessor for our nation's problems or bother mentioning the notorious, if infamous dribble stain.  Dub’ya might not have been much, but at least he didn’t brag about it.
That brings us to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I’m hesitant to apply the term POTUS in this instance because the constitution requires POTUS to be American born or nationalized.  This guy is a lost Kenyan village idiot who somehow managed to master his Phoenix online public speaking course so well that he tricked enough otherwise intelligent American voters to elect him.  Well, them, the ones he bought with the free cell phones, the dead ones, and Nancy Pelosi, who escaped from area 51 sometime in 1957.
 In contradistinction to every man to hold the office of POTUS prior to him, the first thing this illegal alien did was embark on his six and a half year long “IT’S NOT MY FAULT 2008-2014 WORLD TOUR”, bowing submissively before for Muslim Kings and offending royal houses of nations who are allies, but regrettably not Islamic. AND Barack Hussein Obama is still blaming George W. Bush 6 1/2 years into his presidency. Kind of gives a new, fresh perspective to the term LAME duck, although now I'll have to come up with another phrase for lame duck that isn’t offensive to actual physically impaired water fowl.
Now Mid-term elections are a month away, and our nation is faced with a plethora of potentially terminal problems, and the person we untrusted with the responsibility of having our backs is holding a gun to our heads!
He has opened our borders to illegal immigrants, like himself, and routed funds formerly used to provide income prepaid for decades into the social security system, to fee, house, cloth, educate and provide high level healthcare and citizenship to these individuals who entered the country by criminal means, not merely ignoring the criminality of their action, but encouraging it to the point of financial reward.  The joke that once equated illegal immigrants to unregistered democrats is now more fact than punchline. Money intended, indeed invested by taxpaying American workers is being used to support criminal immigrants while they are being told their retirement investment is in danger of default, yet somehow the charity fund established by the Kenyan Pretender is in no danger of default. And now this growing population of criminal faux citizenry comes bearing a new gift: incurable respiratory and other unknown new diseases, and finally, hitchhikers: ISIS terrorists walking freely across our southern borders with the president’s blessings and weapons POTUS provided to them before they left the middle east.
And the punch line for all this? The Mad Dog of Kenya has promised, indeed bragged, that he will sign a presidential order granting amnesty to the thousands of criminals he has welcomed through back channels into our sovereign nation.
There is a small glimmer of hope. Outsmart the missing Kenyan village idiot at the ballot box. It may be our only hope as a nation.
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