Sunday, September 1, 2013

An Open Letter to Senator Marco Rubio: It's Time to tell Barry the Bully NO!

I'm left commenting here, Senator, because there does not seem to be any other place to make a general comment to you on tour public page.

My thoughts are many, but I'll limit it to two for the purpose of this missive.


Let me address the so-called Obamacare law.  Until a provision is written into that broad sweeping and far reaching socialist legislation that removes any wording which excludes the very people who wrote it, you, sir, need to lead the fight to scuttle it. If the law is good enough for me, it;s good enough for Barry and the boys.


Sir, I lost family in World War II and Korea.  I Had high school friends come home from Viet Nam in a box, and others died in the jungles of the Nam but took ten years walking around stateside for the cancer called Agent Orange to kill them.

I've listened to every occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since LBJ solve his 'image' and 'low approval rating' problems by distracting the American people by sending our children off to war.  I have written reams of paper to these blathering megalomaniacs begging them, one and all, to call off the dogs.

And every holder of that office, Dumbocrass or Repugnant since 1971, the year I registered to vote for the first time, has lied to me to get elected, lied to me to stay elected, and either lied to me to justify starting a war or lied to me to justify sustaining one!

Mr. Rubio, it's time to draw the line in the sand and tell this president NO!  We are not the world's policemen.  We can't even keep our own streets free from corruption - what business do we have telling other nations how to run their own house.

Please, Senator Rubio, for the sake of my grandchildren, Tell Barry the Bully NO!
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