Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So, Who's Behind it, then?

Over the years I’ve told you enough about differing aspects of my background that I’m not going to bore you any more than necessary by repeating it here.  On the other hand, if you didn’t already have some of degree of sadomasochistic tendency you wouldn’t still be reading this, wondering with what brain cell searing little tidbit I was seeking to lobotomize your cerebral cortex today.
Paula Deen.

The undeniable queen of southern cuisine. The Quaint Southern Belle everyone, irrespective of your actual place of birth in these great Unites States of America, wishes was the gramma he or she was coming home to for Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, Sunday Bar-B-Que, or just a good old fashioned traditional breakfast of sausage and biscuits with sausage gravy, eggs, bacon, home fries, grits, fresh ground coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice.

Sorry, ya’ll, but there’s just not enough butter and cheese in that mac & cheese.  Food Network’s answer to Minnie Pearl, Aunt Jemima, Granny Clampett and Julia Child all rolled into one.

The undisputed Queen of Savannah.

That Paula Deen.

Until someone, for whatever reason (and being the cynic that I am, I have my own ideas, none of which will be discussed in this column) dimed her out for having uttered the dreaded ‘N’ word in a conversation nearly THIRTY YEARS AGO!

Never mind that many of the same media empires crucifying Ms. Deen for the use of this word hypocritically produce and sell hundreds of thousands of compact discs and mp3’s recorded by hip-hop ‘artists’ (a metaphor for recorded noise) whose music (same metaphor) is replete with the same racial slur, used here not in a private conversation 30 years ago, but to the contrary, used contemporarily to promote and sell a blatantly obscene and overtly racist product.

So I find myself wondering who is behind all this fuss.

In the days since the story first broke, I have read literally tens of thousands of social network comments supporting Paula Deen; the majority of them coming from, if cursory glances at the accompanying photos and profiles are to be believed, black women, many of whom are as outraged as I am at the hypocrisy within thin their own community that says 50-Cent can say it but Paula Seen can’t. Other social networks reveal a similar trend.

And yet…
·         Food Network fired her
·         Smithfield dismissed her as their spokesperson
·         Walmart/Sam’s Club canceled all new orders of Paula Deen endorsed products
·         Target did the same
·         Ditto Home Depot
·         Ditto Novo Nordisk
·         Ditto Caesar’s Entertainment, QVC, Walgreen, J.C. Penny, and Sears.
·         Random House/Ballantine Books has canceled publication of her new cookbook. Despite thousands of dollars in pre-publication sales orders.

Without the benefit of an arrest, trial, and conviction, Paula Deen has been tried, found guilt, and sentenced in the court of Lamestream media.  Ms. Deen was presumed to be guilty unless proven otherwise, convicted by the media before a defense could be assembled and presented, and sentence conferred.

Now here’s the interesting part.

With the exception of the hypocrites who think it’s culturally acceptable for a black person to use a racial slur - against another black person or against a white person: it doesn’t really make any difference as long as it’s the black person making the racial slur, which has the effect of sanitizing it, in their eyes – most black people I know, and most whose comments I have read – support Ms. Deen, and sincerely think Food Network has overreacted.  That the whole incident has been blown out of proportion.

Which leads me to the following.  Someone, somewhere is applying a lot of pressure on corporate America to make Paula Deen’s thirty year old indiscretion – for which she has apologized – an issue as opposed to a colloquial a slip of the tongue.  Someone high enough up the food chain to make some of the largest companies in the nation quiver in their boots.  If it is not Black America, and the evidence is clearly that it is not, one is left to ponder the unavoidable question of WHO?

Who stands to gain by expending so much pressure on this single 66 year old white woman and something she said almost 30 years ago, and the companies who support her by marketing her products, as to use the 30 year old incident to try and create a racial divide in our nation? Who wants a repeat of the 1860’s and the war that divided our nation?

Only someone who has something to gain.

And the only one with something to gain is a White house hell bent on turning The United States of America into the Organization of Buffoons Accelerating Marxist America.
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