Friday, April 19, 2013

Is the System Broke?

The NYT OP-Ed Copy read: "If 90 percent of Americans support background checks but most senators don't, is the system broken?", and several questions immediately came to mind.  First and foremost, I suppose, is where are these numbers coming from.  Oh yeah - NYT Polls, white house polls, mainstream media polls.  From people per-screened in both the questions, the answers, and how to match them up to get the stunningly high numbers their rapid-fire surveys get.

Second, the questions themselves are weighted to almost force results ""Do you still have 5 year-oles washing the aprons the 8-year old cripple chillins use to stuff the tobaccy chaw cans while you still fooling sround with your foreman's wife listening to Willy and making 95% profit?

And then there's the work of spin doctors.

90% of Americans don't oppose background checks on gun ownership. Gun ownership PERIOD in any form is opposed by he 90% of Americans, with or without background checks is opposed to anyone but military and police, while they are active duty ONLY- and their first obligation then is to the government, NOT to you and me.  That is the issue.  Out government wants to pass laws, and if not laws, executive orders circumventing the very constitution they swore oaths to protect and defend!

You want to gauge the pulse of America?  Forget about the NYT National Polls - Look and see what your friends are tweeting, pinning, liking, sharing, +ing and Blogging.I'm one of those people, and I wanna know why the people I sent to my local, city, state and national offices in their $3,000 Armani's Italian leather hand stitched shoes; their Diamond Rolex's and Corinthian leather; these pathetic life long politicians who smoke their Cubans and take their vacations on my dime

It's time we stopped issuing Washington a blank check with that footnote to steal the Constitution.
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