Friday, February 10, 2012

Phobias & Other Confusing Things

I consider myself to be a reasonably rational individual.  I’m passionate about the things I believe, and try to be a student of why I believe a thing, or disbelieve a thing.  I’m admittedly anal retentive about using the correct word or words to state my (or your, for that matter) case.  This creates problems for me because my condition often results in a barrage of questions being heaped upon the shoulders of an individual using the wrong word.
For example, I am a Christian.  I believe that men are born sinners and that Oprah is 100% wrong in her assertion that all roads lead to heaven.  The Bible, after all, says Jesus is the only way, and states it in such way grammatically that the only way to draw any other conclusion is out of wilful ignorance.  I believe the Bible teaches that all human beings are born sinners, and that all human beings are sinners by choice.  That deadly combination results in a destiny of eternity in a very real place called Hell.  However, while I believe that God hates sin, He loves sinners and provided a means by which sinners can be redeemed from an eternity in Hell, and that means is faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the payment of and for our sins.  The Bible is crystal clear on these things, but because human beings have the free choice to reject them, human beings often  skew things to excuse, hide, or couch their rejection by attacking those who believe them.
As a Christian, I believe the practice of homosexuality is a sin. However, I do not HATE homosexuals any more than I hate gluttons, liars, or speeders.  Gluttony is a sin.  Lying is a sin.  Speeding (breaking the law) is a sin.  The Bible is very clear about God’s position on sin.  He hates sin, but He LOVES sinners so much that He allowed Jesus to die for them – no exceptions, no exclusions.  If you accept Christ, you go to heaven.  It’s that simple.  If you reject Him, you don’t.
However, an interesting smokescreen has been employed to cover this particular  act of disobedience to God’s Word.
I am now called a ‘homophobe’ because I believe homosexuality is  sin.  Seriously?  I mean, do you even know the etymology of the tag you have chosen to describe me for my belief?  I thought not.
Here’s how it breaks down:

Homo - NOUN:

A member of the genus Homo, which includes the extinct and extant species of humans.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin homo, man; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots

Phobia: NOUN:
A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.
Put them together and what do you get?  “An individual who has a persistent and irrational fear of members of the genus Homo, which today means Human Beings!”
In other words, when you call me a homophobe, you’re trying to imply that I hate those who practice homosexuality, when in fact your choice of words suggests that I am afraid, irrationally so, of human beings!
For the record, neither choice is either true or accurate.  I am neither afraid of nor do I hate homosexuals.  I do believe that what they practice is sin.  Just like when I overeat it is sin.  But, I’m not a hater, nor am I fearful.
On that note, I have a question.  What is it about liberals that they want to put me in jail for smashing sea turtle eggs, but are willing to help me destroy my own unborn child?  And why do they scream “It’s a woman’s right to choose” when what they really mean is “Yeah, I know that when she chose to have unprotected sex with the understanding that she could very well become pregnant, she made her choice.  I think she should be allowed to change her mind even if it means destroying the human equivalent of that turtle egg.”
See what I mean?  There is no consistency – just double talk, justification, and semantics.  I suppose it was this knowledge that by giving His creation the ability to make wrong choices, they would more often than not choose wrongly, that He offered His Son on a Cross to redeem mankind from their sin.
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