Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today is the my friend Cynthia’s birthday.  Cynthia is a black woman I worked with in a department store in Pittsburgh.  She’s a Christian, and I ‘think’ she’s a single Mom.  I could be wrong about that.  I know she’s a very spiritual woman who loves her Lord.  I know I miss working with her when I was in toys and she was in Children’s and Infant’s clothing.  She’s a good woman, and when we worked together in that store – now closed – it was like being with family.  She shares the birth date of August 4th with the President of the United States.  Allegedly.  He does not impress me.  Cynthia does.  Happy birthday, Cynthia.  God Bless!
Oh, and happy birthday, Mr. President, if indeed this is the day.  It is my opinion that you, sir, are a sham, a liar, and have no more right to the office you hold than the leaders of the socialist Islam nations who hold your true allegiance.  I say this and then remember the words of the prophet, Daniel, who told Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon 2,700 years ago that Jehovah God (not Baal, who Nebuchadnezzar worshipped, or Allah, to whom the President has demonstrable familial ties) Who establishes kings and kingdoms, and removes them.  By extrapolation, one can also exclude a very naïve American voting public from that equation.
I’m finally finished with the ‘busy’ part of my high school graduating class’s 40th Reunion.  Oh, we still have to do the autopsy and prepare a report to which future committees might refer in their planning, and there will be a celebration bash for the committee members, but today when I mailed out the photo DVD’s to the committee members, I  think I’m all finished but for the fat lady doing her requisite part.  Something Ellington might be nice.
I’ve read two amazing books since the Reunion.  Where’s the Birth Certificate by Harvard PhD Jerome Corsi, and Deviations: Second Covenant, by Tampa area poet/author Elissa Malcohn.  The former is an extremely well documented presentation of the case that Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Sontero is a foreign born citizen who never refuted his foreign citizenship, which disqualifies him by US Constitutional law (Article 2, Section 1), and the latter is a frighteningly dark work of speculative fiction – perhaps the best I have ever read in that genre.
And since I keep returning to the Reunion, I have to conclude with a quote from a classmate who attended the closing day picnic.  “Dave.” She said, “diversity is not a question of skin color.  It’s a condition of the heart.  A state of mind.”
I couldn’t agree more.  Thanks, Cathy.
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