Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Like A Lion, Out Like a Light - BLOG for Stardate -311768.6 (26th FebruMarPril, 2,000andsumpin)

Chiefs Class of 7-T-1

I just looked and verified that I haven’t posted a BLOG since the first day of March.  Shame on me!  I haven’t been lazy, exactly.  It’s probably more accurate, if only, to say I have been otherwise occupied.  I didn’t stop writing as much as I wrote things other than my BLOG.  My editing schedule has increased by 50%.  Math is even more confusing than English.  The increase in that workload is 50%. All things being equal, if I were to reduce the workload by the exact same number of jobs, it would be a 33% reduction.  A&B+C=D and D-C=B&A, but statistically , they are two entirely different things.  This confusion probably explains my problems with Jr. High and Senior High Algebra, and it is more believable than blaming it on the teachers because they are him, and he is the same guy (ku-ku-ka-chu), and I couldn’t make amy more sense out of his work than he could out of mine.

And none of these explains my typing problems today nearly as well as 10mg of Hydrocodone saddled onto 325mg of Acetaminophen, 4 mg of Tizanidine and the 600 mg Neurontin chaser I take twice a day, twice a day, and three times a day, respectively, for back pain, or the lidocaine patch I wear directly on top of the center of the back pain to try and numb that some.
The jury is still out on whether or not I’m healthy enough for the Cialis, not to mention we only have one bathtub, situated neither in open field or deserted beach,
I am officially part of my high school graduating class’s 40th reunion committee, the number 40 referring to the number of years since we graduated, and not the number of committees we have this year, which is two, in a genuinely strange and convoluted sort of way that Hitchcock or Rod Serling would have loved.
You see, there was one loosely organized committee within which a power struggle began to develop.  In this corner, weighing in at eleven strong and representing a good cross section of our class both now and 40 years ago is the reigning Champion - the ES Committee.  In the other corner, a former committee member and elementary schoolyard bully who walked out on the committee because his ego wouldn’t allow him to not be boss or the guy in line at the BK-Lounge waiting to have his Whopper made ‘his way.’  It’s sad, really, that even after 40 years some people still behave like they’re still in first grade.
Meanwhile, back at the reservation, commitments to attend the DIY reunion being put by a dedicated group of former classmates are growing steadily while so far (as of this writing) the second reunion, sponsored by the aforementioned Committee of  Me, Myself and I (No, not me) along with a professional Reunion Company, reports that they have  only the megalomaniac who can’t handle just being one of the guys, and on other person attending.  Not sure if the Reunion Company guy is gonna be there.  Don’t have a bathtub count either. 
So, long story short (too late) , I’m helping with the committee not the Lonely Ranger and Taunto. (yes, that’s how I meant to spell it).  I’m taking photos, helping coordinate ‘special’ provisions for those who need them,  and if you know that kid who sees dead people, have him ring me up = it’s one of my committee projects.
If you need help with reunion information, go here.  If you have special needs, write or ring me.
Meanwhile, the meds are trying to turn out my lights.  Happy Trails, GO CHIEFS, and May da Farce Be Witcha.

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