Friday, January 14, 2011

Yule - A Poem

This is a little late in getting out.  Sorry about that.  I’m old and easily distracted – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I wrote this with my daughter, who observes Yule  and the arrival of Winter Solstice rather than Christmas as part of her personal faith, in mind.
I also wrote it with a cute little app on my Blackberry.  The BB comes with an app set that reads MS office docs, and even allows for limited editing of them, which is to say, character correction, but not create brand new ones.  For that I downloaded a different app which lets you create and name a blank word doc, save it, and then open and edit it in the suite that comes with the device OS.  Yeah – it’s clumsy, but  hey – this is a telephone, after all.
Anyway – enjoy.

By David Roth
© 20th December, 2010

The night is dark
and the moon is full
faeries dance
at the dawn of Yule

on the longest night
of the shortest day
in the moonlight dance
hear the faeries say

“tiny dancer dip
tiny dancer twirl
sprinkle faerie dust
tiny dancer, whirl”

round the bonfire sail
with the sparks all fly
taste the Yuletide brew
under Yule-starred sky.
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